Mother's Day Gift Set - Tote Bag


$ 53.00 $ 62.94

What is the best way to treat the woman in your life that is a mother?  An awesome gift set of SoP!   Included in this package is 4 bars of soap:  Chill, Warrior Women's, Anti Ox'd, and Magic Dragon.  Each flavor to entice your ladies zen, need for clean, detoxing or wild woman feelings.  If she needs more there is Cleanse and Soothe Body wash to take care of the cooties from a long day of kids and rumbling.  And finally, a wonderful tote bag for groceries, kids stuff for the park, workout clothing, party supplies, treats for the pool or beach or a trip on the road.  

Don't want to give all that to your lady?  That's okay too.  We will call it sharing.  

Please make a note in the comments if you want any of the flavors swapped out.  

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