Mother's Day Gift Set - Sport Bottle


$ 54.00 $ 63.97

Mother's Day can be hard to thank your Mom or someone you know who has been the best Mom.  Why not treat her to one of the coolest sports water bottles around.  Working out and taking care of kids makes Mom thirsty!  A  32oz  TemperCraft metal sports bottle keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.  And according to one of our Mom athletes - indestructible. 

This gift set is complimented with the bewitching aroma of Magic Dragon bar soap, your lady won't know if she wants to tighten her sports bra to work out longer or kick someones butt in the ring, a must have.  Followed by a bar of Anti Ox'd that will bring her down for a soothing smell of berries, detox and a little exfoliation.  To top it off, nothing beats having Xtreme body wash with this set to have an overall cleanse of cooties.  

Your Mom will be using this for a long time and feel loved.  

Don't like some of the flavors chosen?  Make a note in the comments at checkout!  


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