Soap 101

27 December 2017

Soap 101

Gi Soap Fam,

I realized this morning that we haven't all been formally introduced, nor have we dug into why we do what we do. While a proper introduction to our fam will be done in a proper bio and mission statement, I wanted to take a moment and describe why we are so excited to continue to bring you the best damn soap around.

My name is Kyle. My family and I (Danielle, Billy and Gabi) have been using Gi Soap ever since I was introduced to it by a fellow competitor 5 years ago. When I first started training, the abrasions & mat burn really aggravated my acne, and the constant hand washings & sanitizers (Purell, etc...) cracked my skin pretty badly. Gi Soap gave me all the clean I needed without the stuff I didn't. The cracked skin healed, the acne cleared up, life was good again and I was sold. Yes, a shameless testimonial, but I hope you get to experience the same sensation, which is why I wanted to geek out a bit and share some soap knowledge.

True soap, like ours, comes from a chemical reaction called saponification. When we combine fats and essential oils (acids) with Lye (base), the ending result is soap (salts). "But wait", you say, "Lye burns, right?!?" Yes, Lye by itself can be very harmful to you and your skin, as anyone who has seen "Fight Club" knows. However, because of saponification, what goes into the mix is not the same as what comes out. The acid and base form a neutral, a neutral that is safe for the skin and, if made correctly, can be quite nourishing.

While the FDA does allow for other blends of ingredients to be called soap, they are in fact detergents. Detergents are not all bad: They are superior for cleaning your laundry, your carpet, your engine, etc..., but they often contain chemicals that range from corrective (fixing side effects from other ingredients) to useless (Polyquaternium-10) to potentially harmful (Triclosan), which is regulated as a pesticide by the EPA! In fact, if you look at a bottle of the so called antibacterial soap made by the company that rhymes with smile, you'll notice it now says "Washes Away Bacteria" due to a smack down from the FDA. You can read the text of that ruling here; I highly recommend you take a 5 minute look -

With their frightening lists of ingredients, it's nothing I want to put on my skin, my family's skin or Gi Soap Fam's skin. That's why we're so passionate about bringing you pure, handmade, custom designed soaps & body washes to keep your skin healthy and ready for battle!

Until next time, train hard & be awesome.